There was a vision, but I couldn’t see it clearly. Was it a nightmare? No, it was a hope. The hope that I’ve always wished to happen…

I dreamed about you last night. I woke up smiling. I hope you dreamed about me too. Thinking maybe that all the wait is finally coming to an end. I hope your choice is the one I’ve been waiting for. A wise choice that will make me happy and hopefully you too. I only waited for you for God knows how long… I will wait even if it takes forever, even if you don’t read this nor see me personally.

I do not know what is going to happen from here but all I know is that… I want to be with you. I’ve told you how I feel, all my feelings are true. Even if you don’t care, I still do…for you. Even if we there’s no communication between us, I am still wishing and keep on praying that we will meet again and have the chance to be with each other.

I remember you told me not to wait and hope for the love of other people because God loves us…so I told myself not to do it for you, because I know even from the start, it is you that I have always dreamed of. There were times, I asked myself if how long would it heal and mend a broken heart? I knew you were brokenhearted. I knew you loved somebody but just broke your heart. I just hope, you are now okay, and willing to love again, the real love, and not just a mutual understanding. I wish you are happy with her.



I want to shout it to everybody how I MISS YOU!.

I want to tell the world how I want you to BE WITH ME.

I want to broadcast my feelings.

I want to see you but I can’t.

I want you to know how I NEED YOU  in my life

…….but that’s very IMPOSSIBLE!

Stupidity…will soon vanish!

I am still in my sanity. If not, then I am not here anymore.

Well, it’s hard to be imprisoned and can’t escape from reality. Yes, I do love you despite the fact that you are with someone. Yes, I admit I’ve been struggling this feelings ever since I met you and it’s hard to control it. Being civil when we see each other much hurts even more, but I am left with no choice. Who am I to complain?

Yes, I blame the world for taking me for granted. Yet, I also believe for the purpose of it. I hope miracle works. I’m not praying for you to love me back. What I’m praying and hoping is… someday the world will be fair…that someday this stupidity will soon vanish…and that I can break this to you!

LESSON: Don’t ever fall in love with someone who loves someone else!