Don’t Close The Book, Just Turn The Page!

If you learn to accept the truth, there are fewer disappointments. Don’t be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence! Do you agree?

Hmmmm, people tend to analyze what went wrong and spend too much time thinking about it. Most are worried of leaving the past behind, crying over spilt milk, and can’t even stand on their own. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that but take note, you want to heal the wounds, right? How will you start if you don’t do any actions?

At first, it’s hard. It kills you inside. You can’t sleep and can’t even eat no matter how hard you try. I’ve been there, and done that. It wasn’t easy at all. But you know what?, time heals. Eventually, you’ll be okay. P.s., sooner or later, you’ll be grateful with what you’ve been through.

There are few factors affecting relationships.

  1. It can be misunderstanding that may lead to miscommunication and breakup. You regret, want to go back and fix it, but it’s too late because the other side doesn’t want it anymore.
  2. It can be a third party without knowing the truth. Most women are too weak when it comes to heart problems and easily give up. Yes, they investigate like detectives and hell yes!, some men get attracted to other women flirting around.  As a result, it ends the precious relationship.
  3. Minor problems that often cause a major disaster. Pride is a common enemy in this case. You need to swallow it. Else, you’ll lose the most important in your life!
  4. Future concerns that usually make the relationship dry. Everyday is a struggle when you always talk about tomorrows. Because of this, both sides decide to end a used-to-be wonderful relationship. For maturity reasons, this sometimes happens.
  5. Fallen out love might cause a real trouble. Yes, it really happens. It’s not because of falling for someone else. It’s just that, you don’t feel the same as what it used to be. You try fixing it, but no more spark anymore. You still care, but you can’t lie that the the feelings are no longer there. It saddens for the both of you, but acceptance is really needed.

There is nothing wrong in trying to win someone back, but it is wrong to force the person to love you because heart never lies. Maybe you’re too scared of not having a new one, that you can’t find someone better than the old one, that you can’t love again, that you can’t be the best person for him/her, etc.

Favorably speaking, start loving yourself more if you are broken right now. Stop communicating and even seeing the person. Diversion to other things is highly advisable. Focus on what matters. Don’t think negatively. Instead, look on the positive side of what makes everything worth. Give respect to yourself.

If you’re the one who decided to end the relationship off, then don’t make any actions that would give someone more pain. It’s burning inside, so stop going back and be firm with your actions. You’ve finally made up your mind, so learn to value your words. If that person insists and persists of meeting or seeing you, just leave and ignore him/her.

Again, it may be the most difficult, but it will eventually heal on its own. Be thankful for the pain. That’s only at the beginning. It makes you stronger anyway! The least you can do is be happy that for once, you were able to fall in love and be loved. It just ended that way though.

Note that, you can never undo those mistakes and decisions you made, but you can always start a new one though not perfectly, but better than the last time. In love, forgetting and forgiving each other is the nicest step. Acceptance is the best option.

You can fully move on when there is peace in your heart. Move on! It’s just a chapter in the past, but don’t close the book. Instead, just turn the page.

P.s., what I’ve mentioned in the above few factors affecting relationships are generally and commonly happen nowadays. If in case, you may/may not agree, please feel free to give comments. That would appreciate me a lot. Thanks for dropping by!


Right Love at the Wrong Time

Have you ever encountered an experience when it is really forbid by people? Well, here’s a new short story of Jane and Jake.

Jane and Jake met during their university years. At that time, both of them were in a relationship. They were happy and satisfied and chose to remain friends. It’s a bit awkward for them whenever they met.

Jane had feelings for him ever since. From there and then, they became friends, opened up what’s happening around them–including their personal life. There was on time her boyfriend got jealous because she seemed absent minded when they were together. The boyfriend could feel it because he’s only man. Of course, he knew about Jake but he never wanted to be friends with him. In short, there’s a gap between them. Whenever they see each other, they remained civil.

When they became working adults, Jake found a new girlfriend. On the other hand, Jane was still committed to her long-term boyfriend. Jane and Jake still kept in touch through Facebook and text. The new girlfriend of of Jake named Mary even got jealous at her and tried to make friend with her in Facebook. They chatted but not fighting about something else. They exchanged messages and met one time, but there was no hard feelings. They just wanted to knew each other. That’s how Mary loved Jake so much.

As for Jane’s personal relationship with her boyfriend named Joe, she was not sure about her future with him. He didn’t even talk about any future plans together. For her, she just believed in the line form one of the Carpenters’ song Que sera, sera.” In short, come what may! The feeling was not the same anymore when were still in their younger years. There were time she was thinking about Jake, that Jake could be a husband material and she could also be a wife material.

“What if we could be together? Would I be happier?” Those thoughts came to her mind before going to sleep which caused her a lot of sleepless nights.

Mary was away for a business trip. Joe was also busy looking for a stable job for he quit from his previous one. He always did that.That’s what Jane disliked the most in their relationship–no assurance for their future.

One day, she got a message from Jake. “Hi Jane, you’re busy, aren’t you?”

She was a bit excited and didn’t know why. They were friends for quite a long time now. So, she replied even though she had been busy for the past few days.

“Hello Jake. I’m not, what’s up?

“Can we meet? I’d like to show you something, and Iv’e got something to tell you.”

“See you after work then. Bye.”

For two weeks, they had been doing that. Meeting, having lunch together, and exchange thoughts about personal life. While they were talking and laughing, the situation suddenly became so awkward when they talked serious and sensitive topics.

“How are you these days? You look beautiful,” he said.

“What? Are you insane? I’m just like this ever since!” she was joking and couldn’t not look at in his eyes straightly.)

“Hey, I’m serious. You really look more beautiful this time. That’s what I wanted to say earlier,” he said honestly.

“Thanks. You too, you look so handsome. I like the shape of your brows and your eyes. They really look perfect on your face.” Jane didn’t know how did she get those words to say it to him. Maybe, she was only too emotionally while looking at him. They almost kissed!


She tried to changed the topic, asking him about settling down.

“When will you get married? You’re almost in your mid 30’s”, she started asking.

“Actually, we’ve been together for 6years now and I really envy seeing my friends go married and already have their own children. ….So, hopefully we will have our wedding on December 2017.”

Jane was a bit hurt hearing those words. She knew it, but she was a bit confused why is this man still going out with him, telling all these stuff. So, she replied.

“Ah I see. That’s good, you’re already 32. It’s the right time and she’s also 30. That’s a perfect timing for a perfect couple like you.”

Silence covered them….

Jane realized how close they are as FRIENDS. Though she had feelings for him, she tried not to show it because she respects their friendship so much. Because of this deep in thought talk, they didn’t know to change a different topic .

Actually, the purpose of meeting each other was to talk about work especifically business matters. Both of them were working and also had extra businesses.

 Suddenly, Jane broke the silence when they were on their way home. When they were already in his car, Jake looked at Jane closely and stared at her. It was the most awkward feeling Jane felt because they were only friends but she couldn’t help herself. Her heart pumped so badly. He kissed her and said.

“Jane, I like you”, he uttered and looked at her. He hugged her so tight.

“Stop it. Your’e getting married. This is not right”, she answered looking at the car’s window. She almost cried.

“I think we are match. Joe doesn’t deserve you.”

Jane was teary-eyed. She didn’t know how to react of what he said. All she felt was, she loved those words he said and wished she would never wake up and be in his side forever.

They had each other’s goodbye and promised to stop their communication for good. Both of them were taken and they didn’t want to take their partners for granted.

This time, Jane is trying to divert her attention to a lot of things as well as Jake. But unfortunately, there are still some times that he sends messages to her, asking her condition if she’s okay or whatever. It makes Jane glad that he still remembers him, but what makes her confused is her feelings for him.

They don’t see each other, but they communicate and share their sentiments. That is so hard for them for they may be have the right love at the wrong time!

Jane is planning to work in Vietnam and finds herself there. She’s just waiting for the right time to come. In God’s time and God’s will, she will be there. She keeps on praying for true love and the right man for her.

To all people, please learn to express your true feelings to someone before it’s too late. Be true to yourself rather than hiding the real emotions. Stop holding on. Instead fight for him/her. Don’t dwell on impossibilities if you know possible things would happen. Fate is what you make it, so learn from it. Never make an action or a final decision that might lead to regrets in the end. 

Now is the right time, so start doing what’s the best and right thing for you!

Thank you for reading Jane and Jake’s story. 🙂 

Sunny Day!

Behind every smile is sadness

Behind every sadness is a deep sorrow

But not behind every sorrow is happiness


Someone shows her smile to hide the pain

Someone shows the pain for other’s sake

But not all the pain that has shown is real


Some feelings may be imaginary

Some are really extraordinary

But most sensation are sympathetic


Everybody’s wish is to feel sunny

Everybody expects no stormy days

And everybody wants cloudy yet radiant best days!

A Story Behind Rejection!


Once upon a summertime, there was a girl named Shane who was head over heels in love with a boy named Kent. Kent rejected her feelings for he thought Shane was not good enough for him. Besides, they were so young with lighthearted lives. At that time, she kept in mind that she needed to save up for the future. She studied hard, earned a degree, passed with flying colors, and got the best job in town. She even changed her appearance only for him. She tried to look for him everywhere , but she could not find where was he.Years has been tough to Shane’s life. All these years, she has been thinking of Kent. She is now living in luxury where she gets what she wants. Everything is so perfect yet something is missing, and that is “love.”

She looks at herself in the mirror to see the reflection almost everyday. “What seems to be the problem with you my dear?” she sometimes talks to herself. She is already 30 years old, happily working as a successful business woman who has owned a prominent hotel in the city, and is planning to open a new branch soon.

One Sunday morning, she decided to go to church earlier than she used to. She attended mass and stayed there even though the mass has already ended. To her surprise, she could not believe if that was really happening! She was mesmerized by what she saw. “Was it Kent? “No! he must be somebody else! “No! it’s him!”, exclaimed her mind!

She could not help herself but approached the person. She simply observed his actions. And yes! It was really him. Kent was so busy talking with the youth. She was too hesitant to smile not even once. On the other hand, she still tried to talk with to him.

“Hi Kent, do you still remember me?” she started.
“Good morning madam, but I am sorry, but I don’t remember you but your voice sounds familiar.” he answered.

“I am Shane, your classmate during high school days.”
“Yes, I had a classmate way back in high school whom I loved so much, but I lost her.”

Shane was shocked of what Kent said. She realized that he had loved her for such a long time. The feeling was pure and true. He only rejected her for one thing, and that was his CALLING. He always wanted to be a priest ever since he was a child. So, he had kept the love inside because it can remain forever in his heart no matter what happens. Shane will always be his second love.

On the other hand, Shane was silently crying in the chapel. Rejection had remained in her mind which led her to change everything about her without knowing Kent’s real feelings. She prayed the it happened for a reason.

Today, Shane is living simply with successful businesses. Aside from that, she has opened an orphanage and other institutions to serve poor and reduce poverty. She has inspired a lot of people as Kent also inspired her.

Even though Kent did not know that she was the Shane he rejected way back then, she did not bother to tell him the truth.

Kent is already satisfied and happy serving God. Also, Shane continues what she has started and does not have any plans to love other person. She may have changed her appearance, but the heart still belongs to only man of her dreams.

LESSON: Purpose has made people to become stronger. Some may not understand the meaning of it, but Shane heartedly accepted it. Thus, we should not change ourselves for someone. Instead, let us be who we are and let the person accepts us for we never know that behind that rejection we experience, it has a genuine and a pure love.

Thank you for reading everyone!

Rejection is a Lesson

When Jane was a kid, she used to see Gagster playing around with other kids. They just knew each other by name but not personally. She always wanted that time to be with him at that young age even though that was impossible.

“You’re the first guy I had with this feeling.” she said to herself.

When Jane grew older, she saw him in the same university, but to her dismay, he had someone with him.

“Of course, why should I be affected? We do not know each other, right? ” exclaimed her mind.

Jane just wished they could be friends but then, she knew that was impossible. Instead, she always stalked with him secretly.

“How stupid I was at that age! Until I met the long term relationship I had.”

Years passed. She did not hear news about him when suddenly this FB SNS became the key to make them friends. She was on top of the world when she had the chance to meet Gigster after all those long years that she had known him. She him personally and looked at him even for few times.

Then, they started going out. Her old feeling started to grow more every time she received messages from him. She is not the type of woman who cares to someone, but she did it to him.

“I was kind of fool, hoping that we could be together.”

She started grabbing pictures, printed it out, and put in her pillowcase (so foolish!)

She could not understand why she was feeling that way towards him!

“I thought I already forgot your face, but still it remains here, in my memory. I know it sounds absurd, but I’m still thankful that for once, I met you even for a short period of time. “

Her mind shouted: “Rejection is a lesson!”

Let Go From the Past!

hand-drawn-cartoon-crying-broken-heart-sticky-notes-31857736Stop putting yourself through pain. He is obviously happier without you now. You do not need to try anymore. Why try when you no longer have to cry over someone from the past. Dry your precious eyes because everything will be okay. He left, without a word or without any reason. He left you … to give you room. The room for others to treat you better. He left you with bittersweet memories and lessons learned. Breathe and let go.

Someday, if your paths cross, try to talk to him, try to figure out where you went wrong.

Stop wasting your time checking on him, it is not doing any good on you! Just let go. Though it hurts now and it will still hurt later, stay strong and stay positive!

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