There was a vision, but I couldn’t see it clearly. Was it a nightmare? No, it was a hope. The hope that I’ve always wished to happen…

I dreamed about you last night. I woke up smiling. I hope you dreamed about me too. Thinking maybe that all the wait is finally coming to an end. I hope your choice is the one I’ve been waiting for. A wise choice that will make me happy and hopefully you too. I only waited for you for God knows how long… I will wait even if it takes forever, even if you don’t read this nor see me personally.

I do not know what is going to happen from here but all I know is that… I want to be with you. I’ve told you how I feel, all my feelings are true. Even if you don’t care, I still do…for you. Even if we there’s no communication between us, I am still wishing and keep on praying that we will meet again and have the chance to be with each other.

I remember you told me not to wait and hope for the love of other people because God loves us…so I told myself not to do it for you, because I know even from the start, it is you that I have always dreamed of. There were times, I asked myself if how long would it heal and mend a broken heart? I knew you were brokenhearted. I knew you loved somebody but just broke your heart. I just hope, you are now okay, and willing to love again, the real love, and not just a mutual understanding. I wish you are happy with her.


Stupidity…will soon vanish!

I am still in my sanity. If not, then I am not here anymore.

Well, it’s hard to be imprisoned and can’t escape from reality. Yes, I do love you despite the fact that you are with someone. Yes, I admit I’ve been struggling this feelings ever since I met you and it’s hard to control it. Being civil when we see each other much hurts even more, but I am left with no choice. Who am I to complain?

Yes, I blame the world for taking me for granted. Yet, I also believe for the purpose of it. I hope miracle works. I’m not praying for you to love me back. What I’m praying and hoping is… someday the world will be fair…that someday this stupidity will soon vanish…and that I can break this to you!

LESSON: Don’t ever fall in love with someone who loves someone else!

Lumabas Ka Na Hanggat Kaya Pa!

Have you been tied for a long time yet no assurance to grow and cultivate the relationship?

Well, mahirap mang aminin sa sarili mo, you must learn to be true to yourself. Or else, at the end ikaw lang ang masasaktan. Why do you need to prolong the agony? Kung may mahal ka ng iba, why do you keep on hiding the truth? Alam mo ba? It’s better to hurt someone kaysa paasahin mo siya sa wala! Alam mo ba yun?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself. If you still love the person kahit na hindi mo alam kung hanggang san ang takbo ng relasyon nyong dalawa. Maybe you look happy, but most of the time, away-bati na lang yung nakikita and nararamdaman mo. Aminin mo nga sa sarili mo. Mahal mo pa ba siya? O mahal lang ang tawag mo sa kanya dahil takot kang maiwang mag-isa? Hell no! Don’t be nuts! Don’t be too scared to get out from reality. Kung hindi mo na kaya, lumabas ka na! Lumabas ka na hanggat kaya pa. Lumabas ka na hanggat meron pang natitira sa sarili mo. Lumabas ka na hanggat kaya nyo pang dalawang magmove-on.

Ponder this, you’ll never know who’s meant for you unless you’ll open your heart to someone. But if you’re really sure of the person for good, then fight for the love. Remember to listen to the echoes of your heart before it’s too late because it’s difficult to find genuine love.

Maraming salamat po 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Don’t be Stupid!

Why do you get jealous if you are just considered as somebody’s fling? Don’t act as someone’s partner because there is no assurance that you can be together and can be called as ‘one.’

Bear in mind that if someone loves you, he/she will fight for you and will tell the whole world how much he/she cares about you.

The sweetness he/she shows towards you is just a plain respect. The likes on facebook, twitter, and instagram are purely no intention to flatter you. If it flatters you, gives you too much happiness and what we called “KILIG”, so be it! Just remember, he/she just simply likes it because it might be interesting or looks good on him/her.

When he/she texts you and sends sweet messages, control the laughter in you. Well, it’s normal to keep on smiling, but don’t be too silly! Remember, he/she is just bored and has nothing to do but to let you know about those stuff through text or chat.


  1. Don’t be blinded by your own emotion.
  2. Don’t be stupid.
  3. Stop pretending.
  4. Be yourself.
  5. Don’t get jealous.
  6. Accept the fact.
  7. Control your emotions.

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Alam Mo Di ba?

Alam mo bang hindi lahat ng alam mo, alam din niya? Kasi, ang alam mo lang ay mahal mo siya at mahal ka rin nya pero di mo lang alam na meron lang pala syang kailangan sayo na hindi mo kayang aminin kahit alam mo ang totoo!

Kilig na kilig ka dahil ang alam mo, may gusto sya sayo! Tumpak di ba? Pero teka! Alam mo bang parang ang gulo gulo ng utak mo? Ay,oo kasi masyado ka lang nabubulagan sa lahat ng akala mo eh mali yan!

Nagpopost ka ng maraming pictures sa facebook at instagram para e like nya kasi kampante ka sa sarili mo na gusto ka nya, dahil pg nglike sya, kikiligan ka masyado kahit alam mong nglike lang yung tao kasi nagandahan lang sya, yun lang! Masyado kasing perfect picture mo eh, sobrang edited, kaloka ka. O baka nagustuhan nya yung pinost mong food kasi sinadya mong mgpost kahit hindi naman totoong kumain ka nyan habang ngpost ka. Kinopy paste mo lang kaya, tama ba?

Ang dami mong ginawa para lang makuha siya. Ikaw na yung gumawa ng first move kahit alam mong may utang na loob sya sayo kaya like lang sya ng like. Lage kang online sa facebook. Alam mong busy yung tao. Alam mong hindi sya masyadong mahilig sa chat pero pasakalye kang ngchat, ngtanong ng kung ano-ano. Sino ba namang hindi mgre-reply sayo ang dami mo kayang tanong. Ayun, kilig na kilig ka na naman sa karereply sa kanya. Kung san san na lang napunta ang usapan. Hindi mo ba alam na gusto na nyang huminto ka sa kachachat sa kanya pero di nya lng masabi sayo dahi nahihiya sya. Hindi mo ba alam na kaibigan ka nya at ayaw nyang masaktan ka sa katotohanan na ni hindi ka nya talaga gusto. Hindi nya lang masabi. PERIOD.

Nag-yaya ka sa kanyang mag-inoman, busy sya, so tumanggi sya. Nag-yaya kang lumabas kayo kasi ininvite ka ng friend mong may birthday at wala kang kasama, pero tumanggi sya kasi meron syang pasok bukas. At last, inaya mo syang e meet dahil may ibibigay kang pasalubong kasi galing ka sa province nyo, pero sinabi nyang busy pa rin sya at yung jowa nya lang ang makipag meet sayo. Ayun tuloy nagkita kayo ng jowa!

PAK! Sakit di ba? Bakit ka kasi ng assume? Bakit kasi ayaw mong aminin sa sarili mo na taken na yung tao? Bakit kasi ipipilit ang ayaw dba? Bakit sa dinami daming tao sa mundo, sya pa ang gusto mo sa buhay? Bakit ka pa umasa? Eh alam mo namang may jowa. Alam mong alam lahat ng tao na hindi kayo pwede. Kaibigan lang talaga ang kayang mabigay ng tao sayo. Huwag kang manhid, tanggapin mo ang katotohan. Huwag kang mag ilusyon kasi alam mong hindi ka gusto ng tao at alam mo na alam nyang may gusto ka sa kanya kaya palagi syang umiiwas dahil may mahal syang iba at hindi ikaw yun.

P.S., Tagalog is not my first language nor my own dialect. Please bear with my lapses. Thanks for reading guys!