I want to shout it to everybody how I MISS YOU!.

I want to tell the world how I want you to BE WITH ME.

I want to broadcast my feelings.

I want to see you but I can’t.

I want you to know how I NEED YOU  in my life

…….but that’s very IMPOSSIBLE!


Time Machine

I wish time machine is real so that I could go back to the days when I met you, where two hearts were free.
I wish time machine is real so that I could tell you it was you that my heart was beating.
I wish time machine is real so that I could hug you like no one would ever hug you but me.
I wish time machine is real so that I could no longer cry due to some regrets why I chose someone else.
I wish time machine is real so that I could tell the whole world that I love you and hope you would feel the same way too.

Feed Your Cells, Not Your Body

I’m not giving up my beloved dishes

I’m just trying to choose healthy styles

If you think I’m too picky about such

Then learn to adjust without putting much


It’s not about becoming sexy

But it’s about feeding your cells and not just your body

Come to think about your habit

Suffer for good or give up on it?

Mean Mankind!

Toxic, harmful, and poisonous…

Are not only found in food….

Can be felt, touched, and seen…

Why are are you real?…


Minutes, hours, and days…

So miserable of your deeds…

These are not only about time…

But all about life’s temperament…


Moving, quitting, and leaving…

Are best when happiness is at stake…

These may be the best options…

To be isolated to those ill-intentioned mortals…

In My Dreams…

I dreamed about you last night

I daydream about you every day

I dream to meet you every single day

I dream to be with you every minute of the day


This dream only happens in mind

This dream may within reach

This dream might come true

This dream maybe real in the long run


I hope to make this dream into reality

I hope I won’t wake up and be in your arms

I hope if I wake up, you’re by my side

I hope this dream will never be a dream anymore


I know this is only a dream

I know this will never end

I know this will be forever a dream

I know you will always be, A DREAM!

How to Unlove You?

It is hard to pretend

When you are in pain

It is hard to fake a smile

When everything hurts even for a little while


The absence of days really suffers me

Even your face reflects everyday in my memory

The voice I used to hear from you remains

Even I tried my best to forget those feelings


How to unlove someone like you?

When all I can feel is the best in you

How can I forget and let the memories fade

When all your sweet thoughts linger and never vanished!

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Now and Forever

Where is she now?

You’re looking for her but you don’t know

You try to make it up to her, but she’s already gone

This heart of mine… I will offer this just for you

So, don’t be discouraged

My love is intended for you

Now and forever

I will never hurt you

No matter what happens

We’ll be loving each other

And when the darkness comes

It can’t be changed

My love is real

Now and forever

Why is this like this?

The one you love the most

Is the one who hurt you so much

This is not right

And it won’t happen again

If you chose me, my promise won’t be broken

I am only yours

What Hurts The Most!

It hurts when I see you everyday

It hurts when I think you feel the same way

It hurts when I remember all the lies being said

It hurts when I expect words that are left unsaid


I want to love you forever

I want to hold you closer

I want to be in your arms safely

I want to cherish every moment with you so dearly


But these are only in my thoughts

Because all the thoughts I always think hurt the most

Truth hurts but needs to be accepted

So that moving on will be apprecited

If Only…

If only I could turn back the old days…

When everything was free…

If only I could turn back the time…

Where both of us were certainly free…


If only I could say I love you…

So that you would know my real feelings…

If only I could fight for you…

In order to be with you eternally…


If only I could tell the whole world…

About this tender-hearted emotions…

If only the world would not hate us…

I would proudly call at the top of everyone’s voice…

Miles Away

You may be apart

But your memories will stay like fart

You may feel lonely

But your memories stay with us closely

You may be miles away

But your smile will remain and never fade away

You may be in a different place

But your presence always stays

You may be forgotten by most folks

But we will surely remember most especially your talks

You may be miles away

But you will be in our hearts every day!