There was a vision, but I couldn’t see it clearly. Was it a nightmare? No, it was a hope. The hope that I’ve always wished to happen…

I dreamed about you last night. I woke up smiling. I hope you dreamed about me too. Thinking maybe that all the wait is finally coming to an end. I hope your choice is the one I’ve been waiting for. A wise choice that will make me happy and hopefully you too. I only waited for you for God knows how long… I will wait even if it takes forever, even if you don’t read this nor see me personally.

I do not know what is going to happen from here but all I know is that… I want to be with you. I’ve told you how I feel, all my feelings are true. Even if you don’t care, I still do…for you. Even if we there’s no communication between us, I am still wishing and keep on praying that we will meet again and have the chance to be with each other.

I remember you told me not to wait and hope for the love of other people because God loves us…so I told myself not to do it for you, because I know even from the start, it is you that I have always dreamed of. There were times, I asked myself if how long would it heal and mend a broken heart? I knew you were brokenhearted. I knew you loved somebody but just broke your heart. I just hope, you are now okay, and willing to love again, the real love, and not just a mutual understanding. I wish you are happy with her.


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