Right Love at the Wrong Time

Have you ever encountered an experience when it is really forbid by people? Well, here’s a new short story of Jane and Jake.

Jane and Jake met during their university years. At that time, both of them were in a relationship. They were happy and satisfied and chose to remain friends. It’s a bit awkward for them whenever they met.

Jane had feelings for him ever since. From there and then, they became friends, opened up what’s happening around them–including their personal life. There was on time her boyfriend got jealous because she seemed absent minded when they were together. The boyfriend could feel it because he’s only man. Of course, he knew about Jake but he never wanted to be friends with him. In short, there’s a gap between them. Whenever they see each other, they remained civil.

When they became working adults, Jake found a new girlfriend. On the other hand, Jane was still committed to her long-term boyfriend. Jane and Jake still kept in touch through Facebook and text. The new girlfriend of of Jake named Mary even got jealous at her and tried to make friend with her in Facebook. They chatted but not fighting about something else. They exchanged messages and met one time, but there was no hard feelings. They just wanted to knew each other. That’s how Mary loved Jake so much.

As for Jane’s personal relationship with her boyfriend named Joe, she was not sure about her future with him. He didn’t even talk about any future plans together. For her, she just believed in the line form one of the Carpenters’ song Que sera, sera.” In short, come what may! The feeling was not the same anymore when were still in their younger years. There were time she was thinking about Jake, that Jake could be a husband material and she could also be a wife material.

“What if we could be together? Would I be happier?” Those thoughts came to her mind before going to sleep which caused her a lot of sleepless nights.

Mary was away for a business trip. Joe was also busy looking for a stable job for he quit from his previous one. He always did that.That’s what Jane disliked the most in their relationship–no assurance for their future.

One day, she got a message from Jake. “Hi Jane, you’re busy, aren’t you?”

She was a bit excited and didn’t know why. They were friends for quite a long time now. So, she replied even though she had been busy for the past few days.

“Hello Jake. I’m not, what’s up?

“Can we meet? I’d like to show you something, and Iv’e got something to tell you.”

“See you after work then. Bye.”

For two weeks, they had been doing that. Meeting, having lunch together, and exchange thoughts about personal life. While they were talking and laughing, the situation suddenly became so awkward when they talked serious and sensitive topics.

“How are you these days? You look beautiful,” he said.

“What? Are you insane? I’m just like this ever since!” she was joking and couldn’t not look at in his eyes straightly.)

“Hey, I’m serious. You really look more beautiful this time. That’s what I wanted to say earlier,” he said honestly.

“Thanks. You too, you look so handsome. I like the shape of your brows and your eyes. They really look perfect on your face.” Jane didn’t know how did she get those words to say it to him. Maybe, she was only too emotionally while looking at him. They almost kissed!


She tried to changed the topic, asking him about settling down.

“When will you get married? You’re almost in your mid 30’s”, she started asking.

“Actually, we’ve been together for 6years now and I really envy seeing my friends go married and already have their own children. ….So, hopefully we will have our wedding on December 2017.”

Jane was a bit hurt hearing those words. She knew it, but she was a bit confused why is this man still going out with him, telling all these stuff. So, she replied.

“Ah I see. That’s good, you’re already 32. It’s the right time and she’s also 30. That’s a perfect timing for a perfect couple like you.”

Silence covered them….

Jane realized how close they are as FRIENDS. Though she had feelings for him, she tried not to show it because she respects their friendship so much. Because of this deep in thought talk, they didn’t know to change a different topic .

Actually, the purpose of meeting each other was to talk about work especifically business matters. Both of them were working and also had extra businesses.

 Suddenly, Jane broke the silence when they were on their way home. When they were already in his car, Jake looked at Jane closely and stared at her. It was the most awkward feeling Jane felt because they were only friends but she couldn’t help herself. Her heart pumped so badly. He kissed her and said.

“Jane, I like you”, he uttered and looked at her. He hugged her so tight.

“Stop it. Your’e getting married. This is not right”, she answered looking at the car’s window. She almost cried.

“I think we are match. Joe doesn’t deserve you.”

Jane was teary-eyed. She didn’t know how to react of what he said. All she felt was, she loved those words he said and wished she would never wake up and be in his side forever.

They had each other’s goodbye and promised to stop their communication for good. Both of them were taken and they didn’t want to take their partners for granted.

This time, Jane is trying to divert her attention to a lot of things as well as Jake. But unfortunately, there are still some times that he sends messages to her, asking her condition if she’s okay or whatever. It makes Jane glad that he still remembers him, but what makes her confused is her feelings for him.

They don’t see each other, but they communicate and share their sentiments. That is so hard for them for they may be have the right love at the wrong time!

Jane is planning to work in Vietnam and finds herself there. She’s just waiting for the right time to come. In God’s time and God’s will, she will be there. She keeps on praying for true love and the right man for her.

To all people, please learn to express your true feelings to someone before it’s too late. Be true to yourself rather than hiding the real emotions. Stop holding on. Instead fight for him/her. Don’t dwell on impossibilities if you know possible things would happen. Fate is what you make it, so learn from it. Never make an action or a final decision that might lead to regrets in the end. 

Now is the right time, so start doing what’s the best and right thing for you!

Thank you for reading Jane and Jake’s story. 🙂 


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