The world is full of surprises. It won’t tell what and when things fall apart. People don’t realize the purpose why life can be so cruel sometimes.

Long time ago, there was a famous writer named Milton. He was so popular because of his works. Many loved to read his poems, it shows and expresses how reality happens. One day, a woman got surprised when he told he wanted to change career.

MILTON: I don’t want to write anymore. I need space and another occupation for a change.

WOMAN: But sir, your thoughts are full of inspirations to share. Please don’t do that.

MILTON: No. There’s no use. What’s the purpose of writing if I can’t see and read my own work?  How would I know if it’s clearly published?

WOMAN: You are badly wrong sir. I’ll tell you, being blind is never an obstacle to stop what you desire in life. This is just a piece of cake, so please don’t give up.

MILTON: You don’t have the right to dictate what I’m supposed to do!

WOMAN: I am sorry sir.

The conversation ended with silence. The woman was right, Milton thought about it. When he was thinking about what she said, he realized she’s right. He went to sleep and prepared to ask forgiveness on the following day.

MILTON: Good morning, can you do me a favor?

WOMAN: Good morning sir. Yes, what is it sir?

MILTON: Could you get me a pen and a piece of paper?

WOMAN: Ok sir, no problem.

MILTON: Before you do something, I would like to apologize about the sarcastic words I said yesterday. Now, I realized you’re right. I should not stop believing in Him. He gave me this talented mind, and through writing I can explain and share to others how wonderful world and life is.

WOMAN: It’s alright sir.

MILTON: Thank you for understanding my deeds. Thank you for letting me know it’s still worth to go on despite this blindness I have. These eyes may be closed, but the journey of words through this prose has great impact to readers.

God never leaves me during my downfall. I will not also fail Him what He want me to do. He gave you as instrument. I know everything has a purpose to live in this unique world.

Milton continued to write and express himself well. By the help of the woman as his secretary, he was able to write poems. People were inspired of his poems and the lessons it brought to them. No words can tell how wonderful his poems. 


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