Lumabas Ka Na Hanggat Kaya Pa!

Have you been tied for a long time yet no assurance to grow and cultivate the relationship?

Well, mahirap mang aminin sa sarili mo, you must learn to be true to yourself. Or else, at the end ikaw lang ang masasaktan. Why do you need to prolong the agony? Kung may mahal ka ng iba, why do you keep on hiding the truth? Alam mo ba? It’s better to hurt someone kaysa paasahin mo siya sa wala! Alam mo ba yun?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself. If you still love the person kahit na hindi mo alam kung hanggang san ang takbo ng relasyon nyong dalawa. Maybe you look happy, but most of the time, away-bati na lang yung nakikita and nararamdaman mo. Aminin mo nga sa sarili mo. Mahal mo pa ba siya? O mahal lang ang tawag mo sa kanya dahil takot kang maiwang mag-isa? Hell no! Don’t be nuts! Don’t be too scared to get out from reality. Kung hindi mo na kaya, lumabas ka na! Lumabas ka na hanggat kaya pa. Lumabas ka na hanggat meron pang natitira sa sarili mo. Lumabas ka na hanggat kaya nyo pang dalawang magmove-on.

Ponder this, you’ll never know who’s meant for you unless you’ll open your heart to someone. But if you’re really sure of the person for good, then fight for the love. Remember to listen to the echoes of your heart before it’s too late because it’s difficult to find genuine love.

Maraming salamat po 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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