Don’t be Stupid!

Why do you get jealous if you are just considered as somebody’s fling? Don’t act as someone’s partner because there is no assurance that you can be together and can be called as ‘one.’

Bear in mind that if someone loves you, he/she will fight for you and will tell the whole world how much he/she cares about you.

The sweetness he/she shows towards you is just a plain respect. The likes on facebook, twitter, and instagram are purely no intention to flatter you. If it flatters you, gives you too much happiness and what we called “KILIG”, so be it! Just remember, he/she just simply likes it because it might be interesting or looks good on him/her.

When he/she texts you and sends sweet messages, control the laughter in you. Well, it’s normal to keep on smiling, but don’t be too silly! Remember, he/she is just bored and has nothing to do but to let you know about those stuff through text or chat.


  1. Don’t be blinded by your own emotion.
  2. Don’t be stupid.
  3. Stop pretending.
  4. Be yourself.
  5. Don’t get jealous.
  6. Accept the fact.
  7. Control your emotions.

Thanks for dropping by!


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