Rejection is a Lesson

When Jane was a kid, she used to see Gagster playing around with other kids. They just knew each other by name but not personally. She always wanted that time to be with him at that young age even though that was impossible.

“You’re the first guy I had with this feeling.” she said to herself.

When Jane grew older, she saw him in the same university, but to her dismay, he had someone with him.

“Of course, why should I be affected? We do not know each other, right? ” exclaimed her mind.

Jane just wished they could be friends but then, she knew that was impossible. Instead, she always stalked with him secretly.

“How stupid I was at that age! Until I met the long term relationship I had.”

Years passed. She did not hear news about him when suddenly this FB SNS became the key to make them friends. She was on top of the world when she had the chance to meet Gigster after all those long years that she had known him. She him personally and looked at him even for few times.

Then, they started going out. Her old feeling started to grow more every time she received messages from him. She is not the type of woman who cares to someone, but she did it to him.

“I was kind of fool, hoping that we could be together.”

She started grabbing pictures, printed it out, and put in her pillowcase (so foolish!)

She could not understand why she was feeling that way towards him!

“I thought I already forgot your face, but still it remains here, in my memory. I know it sounds absurd, but I’m still thankful that for once, I met you even for a short period of time. “

Her mind shouted: “Rejection is a lesson!”


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